I bare my soul

I bare my soul through music; the feel of the guitar strings vibrate against my fingers; the gentle humming a voice makes that resonates at a frequency deep below the skin.

I bare my soul through running, as my body moves amidst the green grass and crisp air; I am home in the essence of nature.

I bare my soul through the warm embrace of family and friends; tender hugs between familiar faces.

I bare my soul through tears, wept because of losses so dear and stories from tomorrow abandoned untold.

I bare my soul as my paintbrush strokes the paper and my pencils ingrain the pad, my life is the tool for my spirit to create.

I bare my soul with each word I write; and every sentence of self-expression forms a pathway back to my true-self.

Truly, I do not live that I may bare my soul; but rather, I bare my soul that I may truly live.



The echo of memories forgotten; or dying dreams gasping for air, if only to breathe a final breath…

The burdens of tomorrow are troubles left at bay, so long as forbidden pleasures are stolen

A sacred act to indulge in the forbidden; and forget that which has been forsaken

It is with ease and assumption that one can steal these temptations, but memories lie to haunt when the illusion does fade, to reveal the lingering truth, piercing through the dark like a flame

Yes, that which is forbidden is so for good reason

But this is the trouble with temptation – for one seeks what they know they ought not to

And every element of the forbidden howls like a wolf; reaching over great distance to alert you of its presence

Indeed, you will surely hear the call of the forbidden

[The Daily Post]